Cookie Policy

Cookies, IP addresses and web beacons

What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files are placed on your computer / device by most websites that you visit.

They are a necessary part of all modern websites, allowing a more efficient experience and functions, as well as providing information to the owners of the site.

Controlling Cookies

Web browsers allow some control of cookies and to limit site operation or functions through your browser settings. To find out more please visit

You can  opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics by visiting

How we use cookies

This website creates cookies to help manage your experience here and may collect analytical data of a ‘non-personal’ activity to monitor user logins, preferences, relevant information and to offer focused content and ads.

Type of Cookies

Persistent cookies remain on your device only for the period of time specified in the cookie and are activated each time you visit the website that created that cookie.

Session cookies allow websites to link your actions during a browser session and start when you opens your browser window and close when you close the browser window. These are created temporarily, so when you close your browser the session cookies are deleted.